[CH] New Crop

Calvin Donaghey (gdonaghey@bitstreet.com)
Sat, 16 May 1998 17:58:14 -0500

Hello CHs-
    I just had to brag on my new pods.  I got some wild seed (a total of
4) from a contact in Bolivia, and got one robust plant that ended up
being a C. Baccatum with two pods at every node.  The fruit has a
wonderful and intense flavor similar to Aji Amarillo but less fruity and
more earthy, with raisin and juniper overtones.  Pods are borne erect,
mature to red from yellow, and are about the size of marbles but with
wrinkles.  They might be USDA #159252, shown in "Peppers of the World"
on page 36, but they look more round.  Sorry I'm not set up to send a
picture, but is anyone else growing something like this?
I ate the first one today and it put me off scale and in orbit for about
15 minutes.  I'm definitely going to quarantine this plant for some
seed.  I would appreciate any input, because if this one is on the
market, I'd like to buy  or trade for some seed.  With the number of
Capsicum experts out there, someone probably knows about this pepper.
Thanks in advance,