Re: [CH] Cranking up the heat in restaurants!

Chipotle Coyote (
Sun, 17 May 1998 21:00:13 -0700

At 17:43 17/05/98 -0500, Sandy Olson wrote:
>In response to Jonathan Smillie's request for ultra-hot food in a Thai
restaurant, what happens when a order is really too hot to eat?  Has anyone
been thwarted by asking then not being able to handle extra-hot versions of
restaurant food?  Is anyone brave enough to 'fess up?
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Actually my problem has been more of making them (wait staff) believe me
when I say I want it really hot. Thai tresturants are the best at heating up
things, the hottest food I've ever had has been at Thai restaurants. However
it always seems to amaze the wait staff when they do make it hot, and I eat
it. The only time I got something too hot to eat was when a cook threw in
half a bottle of Dave's insanity to heat it up for me.. it was hot
alright..but the taste was awful. Yes I like very hot food, just don't like
them using the hot sauces that use the extracted cap oil... jeeze is that
nasty tasting.
 However one time at a local Thai place I go to, the second time I went
there I brought in some Red Sav habs. I asked them to use the chiles with my
dish since the last time, I wanted it hotter. They used the habs and were
quite impressed that I could eat them.. ever since they have always made my
dishes nice and hot.
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