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Inagaddadavida (
Sun, 17 May 1998 22:20:28 -0500

Twas Writ:
>complaining about. And just to keep this on-topic, I think a sprinkling of
>Calvin's powder would add a nice touch to EBs.

Hmmm...I've made Benedict's in every kitchen I've worked it seems...can't
say I'm fond of them.  Nonetheless, one place upped the typical addition of
Tabasco in the hollandaise recipe and used it for bennies...went over
nicely.  I imagine a good shot or two of some nice hab sauce would make it
even more interesting...although I'm not partial to hollandaise either
(*you* whip up 10 to 50 yolks by hand a few hundred times and see how
excited hollandaise gets you <g>...)...

Also...I've made the same - guess it's not an eggs benedict anymore;
probably some other name; whatever - but subbed a boiled/steamed shrimp for
the ham.  Never served one like I wanted to though, that being saute the
shrimp coated in a good cajun seasoning mix (like the one I previously
posted)...and use hollandaise with hab sauce.  Any takers?  Lemme know the is good :)

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