Re: [CH] Boston: Mexican Cuisine at the Forest Cafe

lukasz (
Mon, 18 May 1998 23:35:48 +1000

The Old Bear wrote:
> Well, I've mentioned this little neighborhood bar 
  Keep in mind that
> this place is in an urban store-front, about twenty-five wide and
> is split down the middle between the "cafe" and a bar.

                 MEXICAN CUISINE at the FOREST CAFÉ
                      1682 Massachusetts Avenue
                     Cambridge,  Massachusetts
                 Between Harvard and Porter Squares
                           617 661-7810

Major Snippage -- Can't see how they can fit us all in .
Sounds like they should be worth visiting, If only our Peso was
back up to that figure it was in the 70's when the Aussie peso
could buy $1.20 USD not the .63 c it does today. Groan.. 
                             Luke in Oz 

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