[CH] Boston: Mexican Cuisine at the Forest Cafe

The Old Bear (oldbear@arctos.com)
Sun, 17 May 1998 17:52:59 -0400

Well, I've mentioned this little neighborhood bar several times and 
decided it was worth passing along the menu.  Keep in mind that 
this place is in an urban store-front, about twenty-five wide and 
is split down the middle between the "cafe" and a bar.

                 MEXICAN CUISINE at the FOREST CAFÉ
                     1682 Massachusetts Avenue
                     Cambridge,  Massachusetts
                 Between Harvard and Porter Squares
                           617 661-7810

     Caldo de Pollo                                       $2.50
       Our delicious coriander soup.

     Sopes                                                $4.95
       Fresh tottilla dough flattened thick and pinched to 
       encircle a filling of chile sauce, fried beans, and 
       Mexican cheese.

     Ostiones                                             $6.00
       Smoked oysters served in a light chile chipotle sauce.

     Calamares En Chileajo                                $5.50
       Pan-cooked squid seasoned with fresh garlic, serrano 
       chile, and lime.

     Mole Frijole                                         $4.95
       A layered hot and cold dip consisting of black beans, 
       melted Mexican cheese, salsa picante, sour cream, and 

     Chiles Relleno                                       $5.50
       Chile Anaheim filled with Mexican cheese, tomato and 
       onion, broiled and served with chipotle chile sauce.

     Quesadilla                                           $4.95
       Large flour tortilla grilled with Mexican cheese, 
       tomatoes, and mild green chiles.  Served with sour 
       cream and coriander.

     Guacamole                                            $4.95
       Haas avocado blended with chopped onion, tomato, chile 
       serrano and coriander.

     Guacamole Del Chef                                   $5.50
       Our special guacamole made to order with smoke chile 

     Guacamole Al Cilantro                                $5.50
       Avacado blended with tomatillo, chile, and fresh 

     Nachos                                               $5.50
       An American favorite with Mexican cheese and pickled 

     Nachos Rancheros.                                    $5.95
       Crisp corn tortillas covered with black beans, imported 
       chorizo sausage and Mexican cheese.

     Pescado Con Mole Verde                              $11.95
       Today's catch grilled and served with a rich green 
       sauce of tomatillos, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, chile 
       poblano and fresh coriander.

     Puerco Adobado                                      $10.95
       Smoked pork chops in a fiery orange chile chipotle 
       glaze with Yucatan seasoning.

     Pescado Tres Colores                                $11.95
       Today's catch grilled and served with three of our 
       favorite sauces: Mole Verde, Cororada and Cilantro.

     Bistec Toluquena                                    $11.95
       Sirloin steak grilled and served with a mushroom, 
       bacon, red wine, ancho and mulatto chile sauce.

     Pescado Con Salsa Mocajete                          $11.95
       Today's catch grilled and topped with a hand ground 
       roasted tomato and chile sauce, seasonded Mexican 
       cream and fresh coriander.

     Camarones Al Maya                                   $11.95
       Shrimp in a tomato, smoked jalapeno and sour orange 

     Enchilladas Suizas 'Forest Café'                     $8.95
       A large flour tortilla filled with poached chicken or 
       cheese and mild green chiles, baked with a mild chile 
       cream sauce and Mexican cheese.

     Pescado Relleno                                     $12.95
       Today's catch stuffed with chile chipotle, onion, 
       tomato, and Mexican cheese; topped with a fresh 
       coriander sauce.

     Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo                            $11.95
       Shrimp cooked in garlic butter.

     Burrito                                              $8.95
       Your choice of Chicken, Vegetarian, or Mexican Sausage.

     Puerco Con Salsa De Chorizos                        $10.95
       Smoked pork chops topped with a chile chipotle, chorizo 
       sausage cream sauce.

     Pescado Con Crema                                   $11.50
       Today's catch served with a fresh coriander and chile 
       serrano cream sauce.

     Enchiladas Poblanas                                  $9.95
       Chicken or cheese filled corn tortillas baked with a 
       complex chile sauce flavored with bitter chocolate 
       and sweet spices.

     Pollo Y Chile Ahumado                               $11.95
       Slices of smoked chicken breast in a smoked jalapeno 
       cream sauce.

     Tres Cochinitas                                     $11.95
       Three smoked pork chops served with three of our 
       favorite sauces: Mole Verde, Colorada and Cilantro.

     Tostadas                                             $8.95
       Chicken, Vegetarian or Mexican sausage.

     Camarones Adobados                                  $11.95
       Grilled shrimp in a fiery orange chile chipotle glaze 
       with Yucatan seasonings.

     Pescado Natural Con Guacamole                       $11.95
       Today's catch grilled and seasoned with lime; served 
       with fresh guacamole and fried potatoes.

     Pescado Zarandeado                                  $11.95
       Today's catch grilled and served with a roasted 
       tomato and chile sauce, topped with a chilled salad 
       of cactus, jicama, red onions, sweet chile, new 
       potatoes and radish.

     Camarones Al Cilantro                               $11.95
       Shrimp pan-cooked with a fresh coriander sauce.

     Enchiladas Tres Marias                              $10.95
       Corn tortillas rolled around imported Mexican cheese, 
       baked with mole poblano, salsa verde, and salsa roja.  
       Garnished with seasoned Mexican cream, dressed Romaine 
       lettuce, sliced white onion, and fresh coriander.

     On draft: Sam Adams Lager, Smuttynose Pale Ale, Harpoon 
       Ipa, Otter Creek, Devil Mountain, and Pete's Wicked 
       Winter Brew.

     In bottles: Tecate, Corona, Dos Equis, Negra Modelo and 
       Pacifico.  Also Miller Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, 
       Becks, Heineken and Amstel Light; Apollo Ale and 
       Harpoon Winter Warmer.

                                                      May 1998