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lukasz (
Tue, 19 May 1998 00:16:35 +1000

jbc - 
Luke wrote ; At least you have a choice of Ausmex Resteraunts in
the Big Smoke {SYDNEY} here in Coffs Harbour we have 1 only and
when i took My 
bottle of Daves there the second and last time i will ever eat
there ,
the Owner/Waitress/Chef/Parking Attendant {O.K. so its a small
made the sign of the cross and said "Out Satan" ...
First time I ate there I was given Cayenes with Vinegar and told
they were Jalapenos --I ate the offering and asked whether or
not they had real Jalapenos. No wonder they made the sign of the
cross next time I went...
          Luke in OZ 

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some with a fountain pen. 
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