[CH] the worst...

J. B. Cattley (jbc@mpx.com.au)
Fri, 15 May 1998 22:30:16 +1000

I do feel sooo sorry for you people.


If you really want a depressing experience, try mexican food in .au. They
just don't DO hot. You have nachos with a mild cheese glop, tacos with
really evil-smelling I-don't-know-what (mild), and burritos from... limbo.
Really. hot just doesn't seem to make it here. Hungry Jacks (the great
Australian hamburger chain, at least it was australian don't know if it is
now) had an ad campaign recently, with fire, flames, hot coals, etc., and
all for 'our original whopper now with a mild chile sauce'. Pathetic! Fresh
chiles? HA! Something hotter than tabasco? I quote: 'Tabasco, what's that?
You mean tobacco?'