[CH] RE CH Cranking up the heat in restaurants

VOODOO (voodoo@telapex.com)
Mon, 18 May 1998 15:04:32 -0500

>In response to Jonathan Smillie's request for ultra-hot food in a Thai
restaurant, what >happens when a order is really too hot to eat?  Has anyone
been thwarted by asking >then not being able to handle extra-hot versions of
restaurant food?  Is anyone brave >enough to 'fess up?
>                                SandyO
>                                CH #1146, of the moderate variety

This has never happened to me. Although the chef at a local Chinese
restaurant has tried his best to make me whimper. I just keep calling him a
whimp. Last spring I set out 6 Habaneros that produced over 600 peppers. (I
was thrilled) I would take the chef a quart zip lock bag full of habs about
every other week. I got a lot of strange looks from other customers. He says
I am the only person on earth that can call him a whimp and live to tell
about it. :)

If by chance this does happen to you, you can save face, by asking for a
bowl of sour cream. It will help keep you from crying while you finish the
meal. If you still can't handle it, (tsk, tsk) ask for a doggie bag.

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