Re: FW: [CH] Cranking up the heat in restaurants!

Jim Bardsley (
Mon, 18 May 1998 15:31:19 -0100

A similar thing happened to me many years, while visiting San Francisco with
my then girlfriend: we were meeting friends of hers and rendevousing with
another couple- the other couple was way late, so the rest of us amused
ourselves while waiting by drinking margaritas and beer. The other couple
finally showed, and we walked about 5 blocks to the best Chinese restaurant
in the neighborhood.

It is a good thing we walked, because we were by then quite stewed.

We got to the restaurant, which had the kitchen on the first floor and
dining rooms on the second and third. The proprieter took us up the stairs,
trying hard to ignore the body lying in the first landing of the stairwell,
partially covered by a blanket, presumably the victim of some local asian
gang alteration. "Whatever he had, we don't want it!" my girlfriend quipped.
We were, as I mentioned, feeling no pain.

This is in sharp contrast to my condition 30 minutes later, when, still not
paying very much attention, I dug into my Schezuan Lamb, strips of lamp
stir-fried with what I thought were long red pieces of...cabbage? WRONG.

You can guess what hapened next. As I was crunching on the lamb and
"cabbage", I notice the latter was a little dry for cabbage, and about that
time my brain started getting "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!!" messages from
every other piece of me above my throat. I managed to spit out the offending
portion, but I was totally incapictated for the next hour, and thought I'd
never be able to eat again....the rest of the night was all water, pitchers
of it, and later beer. BTW, about the time the heat from the Asian peppers
hit me, I sobered up immediately, launced from the depths of inebriation
like a Polaris missle.

The next morning I was making up for lost opportunity with huevos rancheros
in the Castro district....


By the way, I'm a newcomer. Howdy, y'all. I used to live in Shreveport and
cook in chili competitions- now I'm in Princeton, NJ, area.

Dan Butts wrote:

> >A few years ago, while chowing down on my favorite Shredded Pork
> with Garlic Sauce at the local Chinese restaurant, I managed to fork
> in a whole little red pepper that almost put me right on the floor.
> I was several minutes recovering.   I'm not sure what kind it was,
> but it looked similar to a Vietnamese Tear-Jerker that DocPepr sent
> me two or three years ago.  Man was that little sucker hot!  Did
> manage to finish the meal, though.
> BTW, does anyone have a recipe for this delicious concotion?  They
> have taken it off the menu, so I need to be able to make it myself.
> Dan Butts
> CH #53