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Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Mon, 18 May 1998 23:39:50 -0400

Sorry, I was being flippant.  I admitted in an earlier post that I was
a sheep in wolves clothing when it comes to habarno's.

In the Toronto, Ontario area, I can't imagine any restaurant that
would serve something too hot for even the mildest manner ch.  We have
some chinese restaurants that will provide you with a bowl of
schezuhan peppers in an oil sauce, which you can use to make it as
spicy as you want.  That was the one meal where I overdid it by mixing
it with Rice before tasting it.

There's also suicide wings around, but they haven't quite figured out
that hot is not the same as spicey ( and tasty ).  The one's I've
tried weren't fit to eat, hot or not.

I've been to Indian and Thai restaurants, and have never been able to
get them mildly hot.  And there hasn't been a decent Mexican
restaurant in Toronto since Hernando's Hideaway closed for renovations
and never reopened ( about 10 years ago ).

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In a message dated 98-05-18 11:17:17 EDT, Gil wrote: <<Real CH's don't
white flags !!>>
  I disagree.  I believe the point of this list is to discuss and
share our
passion for hot food.  But that does not mean that you should lie
about your tolerence to look macho.  If you have ever witnessed
someone trying to be macho by taking more heat then they can handle,
you will know exactely what I mean when I say they look far more
foolish then macho.  Not everyone who is a chile-head can handle the
very hottest peppers, in fact, anyone who says there is no pepper too
hot for them, is lying.  We are all fans of the peppers at different
levels, thats what makes this list interesting.  I am not saying that
the intent of that comment was to offend, but by accident, you may
have alienated some of the most loyal and devoted chile heads.
     Something for us all to think about,