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Dan Bar Dov (
Tue, 19 May 1998 10:52:34 +0200

I posted to the CH mailing list the recipe for green Z'chug which is what
you refer to as "harif". Harif simply means hot in hebrew. We call it harif
at falafel shops because it is not fit to be called Z'chug - its typically
diluted in water. The recipe I posted is for a good gree Z'chug. If you
liked better the red staff, I will look for a good authentic recipe. Its
more complicated because it involves tomatoes, other vegetables, and varies
very widely. It is also being confused with the north african hot staff such
as Arisa (ah-ree-saa) and Matbukha (maa-tboo-khaa).

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>Dan Bar Dov wrote:
>> Well, in addition to being a CH, I'm also a CL (cheese lover :)
>> Does anyone know of a cheese mailing list ?
>> Also, I just received a nice collection of Spanish cheeses. I'm planning
>> cheese & wine party.
>> Does anyone have ideas for accompanying recipes, serving ideas etc. ?
>> Danny.
>Wow, an Israeli chile-head. Do you happen to know a recipe for Yemenite
>harif. The harif in falafel shops around here just doesn't cut it.
>Usually they don't even serve it.