Re: [CH] Cheese

Marianne Meisels (
Tue, 19 May 98 18:16:41 MET

Do you mean red Yemenite harif (s'hug) or green Yemenite 
harif (s'hug)? I'm pretty sure I've seen recipes for both on 
the web page of a local Hebrew cooking show. I still haven't 
installed my Hebrew fonts, but if you let me know which you 
want I'll see if I can get someone to download it for me (or 
read it backwards!).

--- On Mon, 18 May 1998 18:26:51 -0400  ralph feldman 
<> wrote:

>Dan Bar Dov wrote:
>> Well, in addition to being a CH, I'm also a CL (cheese 
lover :)
>> Does anyone know of a cheese mailing list ?
>> Also, I just received a nice collection of Spanish 
cheeses. I'm planning a
>> cheese & wine party.
>> Does anyone have ideas for accompanying recipes, serving 
ideas etc. ?
>> Danny.
>Wow, an Israeli chile-head. Do you happen to know a recipe 
for Yemenite
>harif. The harif in falafel shops around here just doesn't 
cut it.
>Usually they don't even serve it.

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