Re: [CH] Pepper Plague?

Ed Johnson (
Tue, 19 May 1998 13:21:37 -0400

Thank you, Wong.

I hadn't noticed any pests, but after I read your message, I checked
carefully. Indeed, on the underside of each leaf was one or two tiny
white flies, about .75 mm or less in length. They looked like
"micro-moths", and flew when disturbed. In addition there was some
evidence in the form of a few droplets of dried liquid, and a few
small splotches of a brown powdery substance around some of the vein
junctions on the leaf underside.

I took the expedient method of dealing with this... I gave each plant
a brief blast of Raid House & Garden spray. The main active ingredient
is indeed Pyrethrin.

We will see what happens next.


Che Wong wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> I looked at the picture of your plant. My guess is that on the
> underside of the leaf, you have some sort of bug chewing into and
> sucking juices from the leaf. My experience is that leaf curling
> is usually associated with scarring of the tissue. As for the yellow
> splotches, it may also be a symtom of the parasite or it could be
> something else. Most bugs will leave some sort of sign on the underside
> of the leaf; it may be a powdery film, droplets of plant sap or some
> other evidence that will make it different than a leaf from a normal
> plant.