[CH] To eat <!!!HOT!!!>, or not.

Ed Calvert (lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net)
Tue, 19 May 1998 15:47:36 -0400

Joe... Have to agree that it is my belief also, that a large portion of
Chers enjoy the "Spice" of Life, the chile pepper at vastly different
I have over 30 bottles of sauces/salsas/pickles in pepper&vinegar/etc., in
my fridge. Nearly everybody I know thinks that my " My guts are gonna rot
out, and my A[butt] will fall off.", due to my love of spiciness.
HOWEVER...You can keep Dave's, Pain is good, ETC,ETC. They are not for me.
And that is our main point. THEY MAY BE What another CHer really enjoys.
And, BTW: Just sent Check off to Calvin- used it in Everything, til I ran
discussion. Usually, in discussions, there is more than one side.
We should just enjoy the diff. viewpoints, and if we dont like 'em...FAST
Nobody needs to flame anybody on this list..they can do so privately,eh?
This one of the BEST lists that I have ever seen.And again, DIVERSITY in the
Love of The Pepers keeps us together. HAB A NICE DAY, FOLKS!
ED Calvert