Re: [CH] Ordering food that's too hot

Jody L. Baze (jody@BlueSkyTours.COM)
Tue, 19 May 1998 14:19:21 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Curt Snyder, Hot's Desire wrote:

> The discussion over ordering food that was too hot reminded me of a place
> I went to once. I was in Ireland for a month and a group of people decided
> to take me to the spiciest place they knew of, an indian restaurant in
> Galway.

Funny, a lot of these stories involve Indian food. Well, mine too!
I went to a local Indian establishment that offers heat levels ranging from
1-10. I ordered a vindaloo dish and told them to crank the heat to 10. 
"I doubt you can make it hot enough", might've passed by lips, but I 
honestly don't remember at this point.

Anyway, they brought it out and it was pretty darned hot - I was working up
a fair sweat, but handling it nicely. About half way through, I got hold of
something I thought might've been a potato, it was kinda hard to tell
submerged in the sauce. No matter. I chewed it up. Yup, chewed it up really
good.  About the time I was about to swallow I realized the horrible mistake
I had made. My eyeballs popped out. My body was englufed in flames as I
began to spontaneously combust. My leg started to jump up and down and I
couldn't stop it. I lost the feeling in my fingertips which was ok, since I
was pretty sure my arms were blown off. I couldn't really verify, remember
because of the aforementioned eyeball problem. 

Fortunately, El Grande blessed me with the mother of all endorphin
rushes. Ahhh... I was dizzy and lightheaded, but felt *much* better. I
really don't think I could've stood up I was so weak in the knees.  I fully
recovered a short while thereafter and finished the meal. Of course, my
companion had problems eating eating between the fits of giggling, but at
least I knew I provided a little entertainment.

I still order a 10 there, but I'm now *REALLY* careful about gnawing on
unidentified objects... :^)

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