[CH] mail-order testimonial (Chilewoman and Cross Country Nursery)

Brent Thompson (brent@hplbct.hpl.hp.com)
Tue, 19 May 1998 17:53:44 -0700

As an experiment, primarily due to darned vacation interferring with
starting chile seedlings which of course is undoubtably how I would have
preferred spending my time if I hadn't been forced to take that vacation,
this year I purchased chile plants via mail-order from two vendors:

	Chilewoman (chile-head "Susan Byers <chilewmn@bluemarble.net>") 
and	Cross Country Nursery (http://www.magcon.com/ccn/chile.htm)

I am very happy to report that both provided beautiful and healthy plants;
of course they all arrived in good condition, three days after shipping,
and are now/still growing vigorously.  It's still way to soon for any of
them to have yet flowered, much less borne fruit, but mostly they all have
flower buds and will bloom soon enough (despite our weather still being
unseasonably cold).

Both these vendors have extensive catalogs containing any number of
interesting and unusual varieties, including some that are just downright
rare (especially in the case of Susan Byers' collection).  Anyone seeking
interesting and unusual varieties of chile plants should seriously consider
checking these two sources, IMHO.

It is such a pleasure to finally have commercial sources like these two
providing great quality plants of such tantalizing varieties.  I don't know
how either gets the seeds for their unusual and rare varieties, but I
applaud their efforts on our behalf.

Of course it's no secret the cost via mail-order is considerably higher
than growing your own or buying at a local nursery, but because of the
tremendous quality and selection, I intend to buy from both these vendors

 ---   Brent