[CH] cHiLe fOr ArThRitUs wIThOut tHE MiME

L.W. Wyman (cywash@ptinet.net)
Tue, 19 May 1998 15:58:16 -0700

Regarding the Chile and arthritis information I am glad to know that the
overwhelming consensus and knowledge supports Chile ingestion and topical
use as a welcomed positive treatment.  Works for me.  But alas the person
who purported a negative affect and I were together off and on for only two
weeks during a fund raising campaign at our place of employment.  I'm not
sure I'd recognize the misinformed head if I did see them.  But I got
educated from y'all so thanks for that. Now let's see if I got that pesky
MIME turned off.  Cheers, Larry