[CH] Plants are growing up finally!

casey marion (caseymarion@mindspring.com)
Wed, 20 May 1998 15:18:47 -0400

All my work and worry is starting to pay off!  After a weekend of
working out of
town, I came home to find my hab plants had shot up to an impressive
Before, the plants were about two inches high with 2-4 small leaves.
Now, my
biggest is about six inches with multiple nodes and several full leaves.

I have a mix of ornamental habs, hot habs and one chilli all in the same
large pot.

I plan on cloning the strongest females and keeping the peppers coming
all year
round with a small HPSodium light I picked up at a yard sale for next to

Anyway, just had to share my excitement; can't wait to try athat spicy