[CH] Re: Cranking Up the Heat...

Randy (rock4u@rocketmail.com)
Wed, 20 May 1998 14:36:47 -0700 (PDT)

A few years back I ordered a "Hooter Shooter".  For those who don't
know it is a tall shot glass with:

An Oyster
Cocktail Sauce
A drop or two of Tabasco

At the time I felt really macho because I could munch on Jalapenos
(thought they were the king of the hill).

I told the gal to bring me a *real* hot one.  

I tossed it down like I usually did - it was the hottest thing that
had ever been in my mouth.  All the usual symptoms apply:  tears,
sweating, red face, sucking in air, heart palpitations, spitting,
eyelid twitching, heebie jeebies, illusions of Grandeur, etc. 

It was not unlike an unsuspecting person biting into the stem end of a
raw Habenero!

The gals back at the counter were all laughing - there's no telling
what they put in there.  I complained to the manager and he brought
back a wimpy one.

I suppose that was my first experience with El Grande and C.S.E.I. 
(Chile Stimulated Endorphin Influx)!



---"Daryl F. Bernard" <dbernard@svsu.edu> wrote:

(some snipped) 
> Occasionally it is spicy. Once I nearly cried.  
(some more snipped)


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