[CH] Belching update, Damn bugs!, Picken peppers?

Mark Anderson (spark@coax.net)
Wed, 20 May 1998 18:57:03 -0500

Hello All, Hope everything is going well for everybody.


As far as the Belching thing goes, I did not win :( the hundred
dollars.  No one did in fact becasue there are to many countries that
consider a belch a good thing.  Arabia seemed to be the most popular
choice. Followed by many many others. 


I have a bad bug problem I do believe.  Many plants are getting leaves
with large yellow areas.  I just bought the ivory and am going to put it
to use tonight.  Hope everything gets better there.  I do not have
access to a web page or I would put up a picture or two.  Looks alot
like the problem we saw the other day(posted pictures) but much more

Picken peppers....

Could someone explain the proper way to pick peppers?  Should I pull
them off at the pod or the root of the stem?  I just want to make sure I
do not hurt the plants for later in the season. 

Thanx to all
Have a good one