Re: Fwd: [CH] Growing question

Brent Thompson (
Thu, 21 May 1998 09:16:38 -0700

> the best type of pepper to grow when one is restricted to using plant
> pots and window boxes ?

C. chinense, e.g. habanero, scotch bonnet, aji yuquitania, fatalli, etc.,
are usually compact plants that abundantly produce fruits which are both
pungent and flavorful, hence are awfully good candidates for your
situation.  They have certainly done well for me in pots (almost always
better, in my conditions, than same plants in the ground, in fact).

Just to keep things in perspective, most C. annuum and C. baccatum
varieties have done better for me in ground than in pots (though all
species and varieties of chiles I have grown in pots have produced
acceptably there).

 ---   Brent