Re: [CH] Growing question

Thu, 21 May 1998 11:47:43 -0500

Joe1Boxer writ,

While the subject of 'small pepper' plants is hitting the Net, could
someone with experience kindly say as to the best type of pepper to grow
when one is restricted to using plant pots and window boxes ?  THANKS.


        Habs, Cayenne, any pepper that has small pods will do well in 8"
pots or a window box. If you put them in pots, you can bring them in in
winter. When you know the day will be warm, put them outside to get some
sun. If it is cold, put them by a window. They will have a nice head start
next spring and you will have peppers by this time of year. Maybe even

Hope this helps,

Voodoo (mojo bag full of peppers) Phillips
TCS Mystic Fire Priest