Re: [CH] Consumer opinion/ Hot sauces

ralph feldman (
Thu, 21 May 1998 16:48:59 -0400

Chipotle Coyote wrote:

> So survey sez: (your turn..what's your fav hot sauces?)

	Here's my list:

1. Zavala's No Joke Hot Sauce

This is my clear favorite. Its a minimalist sauce bursting with fresh
hab flavor. As flavorful as it is hot. It's actually closer to a salsa
than a sauce. I'm surprised that I haven't seen more about this sauce on
the list. By the way, Zavala's is apparently a restaurant somewhere in
Washington State. I'm curious, have any WA chile heads ever been there?
What's it like?

The rest are in no particular order.

2 MTW Ralph's Righteous Hab Sauce 

3 MTW Fiery Hab and MTW Smokin Chipotle

(I mix these and use the result as a BBQ sauce)

4 MTW Red Savina Mash

5 Tabasco

(I can't understand why so many on this list are so averse to this
sauce. To me the other Louisiana red sauces don't hold a candle. I used
to think that it was just the aging that gave Tabasco its unique flavor.
But then I tried Chile Today/Hot Tamale's tabasco (Red Amazon) powder.
The tabasco chile tastes nothing like a cayenne, to me its much more
flavorful (and much hotter), with a really complex brightness.)

6 Tabasco Habenero

( I love this sauce, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I
was hoping for a Tabasco style aged mash sauce, made with habs instead
of Red Amazons (Tabasco's). I think they gussied up a little too much.

7 Rick Bayless's Chipotle sauce (Frontera foods)

This is to me the best chipotle sauce on the market.

8 Rick Bayless's Chile de Arbol sauce

This is a very unique sauce, a completely different style. It's
reminiscent of a middle eastern tahini sauce.

9 Buffalo Chipotle

10 Chef Sheiks Tamarind Habenero sauce

Very flavorful, great with Indian food.

11 Chile Today/Hot Tomale's Smoked Habenero

12 Trinidad XXX

My favorite Caribbean style hab sauce

Honorable Mentions
Melinda's XXXXtra reserve
Bustelo's Backyard ( The Hab Sauce, I don't remember the exact name )