[CH] pruning pepper plant

Schoenbacher, Anton (Anton.Schoenbacher@wwireless.com)
Thu, 21 May 1998 18:08:17 -0700

I have my first load of peppers from my very first two hydroponically
grown plants.  I placed them a bit too close to eachother and am
wondering about two things:

1) when is the best time to cut back a plant.  I want to cut some of the

branches off (just a few).  I still have ripe peppers on it, they will
off soon.  Should I do it right after I pick the peppers ?

2)Somebody already asked this question but I haven't seen any reply 
from it yet.  What is the best way to cut the pepper off the plant?
is the best time to cut them off ?  Should I wait until they are waaaaay
ripe or just when they get ripe ?

My new plants are jammin now, now I have 11 plants total.  I think
I'll have my hands full in about 2 months.  Full of peppers that is ;)

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