Re: [CH] pruning pepper plant

Brent Thompson (
Thu, 21 May 1998 19:19:35 -0700

> 1) when is the best time to cut back a plant.  I want to cut some of the
> branches off (just a few).  I still have ripe peppers on it, they will
> come off soon.  Should I do it right after I pick the peppers ?

Anytime is ok, but of course if you wait very long after you pick your
peppers, then there will be more little peppers growing on the same
branches you intend to cut, and then you won't want to cut those new ones
until "right after I pick the peppers"...

> 2)... the best time to cut them off ?  Should I wait until they are waaaaay
> ripe or just when they get ripe ?

Some chiles are best green, some when just beginning to turn from green,
and some when as ripe as they can get.  It all depends on the variety, the
use you will make of them, and your preferences at the moment.

 ---   Brent