Re: [CH] Consumer opinion/ Hot sauces

Brent Leatherman (
Thu, 21 May 1998 23:22:03 -0500

At 10:56 AM 5/20/98 -0100, Jim Bardsley wrote:
>For the major part, I tend towards sauces that are flavorful rather than
>(necessarily) brain-bogging hot. My favorite, for example, is Crystal,
because of
>it's salty-vinegary base, rather than in spite of it. Crystal, BTW, tends
to be
>the standard in New Orleans and Baton Rouge ( my old stomping grounds )
>than Tobasco. To me, the latter has more heat than flavor.Panola, red and
>Judy's, Melinda's and Coyote Cucina have all spent significant periods of
>around my kitchen. I think I tend to prefer sauces that have a
>bonnet base.

Well, HOT DAMN! Somebode else likes Crystals! Being a person of the
Floridian persuasion (temporarily exiled to the horrors of Kansas), I miss
it terribly...

Fortunately, Melinda's *is* available here, but it doesn't fit quite the
same niche as Crystals....