Re: [CH] Re: Consumer opinion - Hot sauce selection

Ed Cutrell (
Thu, 21 May 1998 21:22:07 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Ashkenaz, Scott wrote:
> When I am choosing sauces, I usually have several main criteria which I
> use.

--------Much deleted---------

> Next, I look at the place where the sauce was manufactured. Ideally, the
> city should have between seven and eleven letters, not counting the
> "St." It is best if it starts with a vowel, since people from these
> cities tend to be friendlier, and care more about detail. The IUPAC
> barcode should have six numbers, with at least one repeated digit. The
> label should not include printing quality test marks - these should be
> removed before the mounting. Of course, colors must be perfectly
> registered, although, upon occasion, if the colors are symmetrically
> misplaced around the black ink, the bottle could become a collector's
> item.


You failed to mention the criteria whereby you judge suspended
particles in a given sauce.  I find that it is critical that all pieces of
vegetables (chiles, tomatoes, garlic, etc.) be of a uniform size and shape
appropriate to the vegetable.  For example, a sauce with poorly pulped
habaneros, with visible pieces of chile of different sizes, indicates
shoddy craftsmanship and an inattention to detail that I feel I cannot
support.  The person/s who manufacture such a sauce should have more pride
in their work--they are obviously at best poor citizens and possible
pedophiles and animal beaters or worse.  I cannot implicitly sanction such
activities through the purchase of their sauces.  Perhaps once they clean
up their miserable excuses for lives they'll produce better sauces in
appropriate bottles, etc.  Until then, they cannot count on *my* business!