Re: [CH] Smoking Chiles

Hobby Farmer (
Fri, 22 May 1998 03:39:19 -0400

Philip Raath wrote:
>>several snips<< 
> Could anyone be so kind as to explain to me how to smoke chiles. Do you dry them before or after smoking, what is the best sawdust to
> use, how long do you smoke them?  I plan to use habs and Jalapenos.

The smoking process seems to get them dry enough for me, though
I do double-bag them and keep them in the freezer.  Apple is my
favorite wood chip to use ( I use an electric hotplate and a
cast iron pan to char the wood and provide the heat and smoke ),
but hickory, cherry, sumac and raspberry canes aare OK, too. 
Don't know which of those you have...
Red ripe Jalapenos taste best to me.  I smoke them until they
are dry and shriveled.  I use 2 to 3 small pans of wood chips
for 5 or 6 dozen peppers.  After the wood chips are all gone, I
leave the hotplate on until they look done.  6 or 7 hours to use
up the wood and another 14 or so to do the drying.  We use a
Little Chief smoker from Luhr-Jensen.

Hobby Farmer