Re: [CH] Smoking Chiles

Sandy Olson (
Sat, 23 May 1998 08:12:42 -0500

Like Hobby Farmer, I also use a 'Lil Chief smoker.  Found it on sale for
about $21.00.  It was so easy it's hard to believe!  As a first time smoker
I just used the pan and chips that came with the smoker and had good
results.  I'll be a bit more creative this year.  I also keep the peppers in
the freezer just to make sure they won't mold.  Mine ended up the
consistance of prunes, shriveled but pliable.  I wasn't sure how much
moisture to remove.  Home-smoked chipotles are soooo good and so much less
expensive given how prolific jalapeno plants are!

                                        CH #1146

p.s. Phil:   Don't use your chile smoker for anything else.  Off tastes will