Re: [CH] Kiss of fire

Doug Irvine (
Fri, 22 May 1998 08:39:59 -0700

Brent Thompson wrote:
> > Just in DJ's, and saw bottles of 'Charmaine Solomon's Kiss of Fire Golden
> > Habanero sauce'. Looked a bit boring, ingredients included yellow pumpkin
> > and yellow capsicum, but you never know
> All I know about Charmaine Solomon is she has family origins in Sri Lanka
> (mother from there?)  and is the author/editor of several quite good
> pan-Asian cookbooks.  And in particular, the India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka
> sections of those cookbooks invariably contain numerous very good recipes.
>  ---   Brent
Good day to all...I have been using Charmaine Solomon's cook books as a
starting point for over 25 years, and I have several of them, the first
one is simply called The Far Eastern Cookbook...she was born in Ceylon
and lived there all of her young life, and now resides in Australia, I
believe. She is from a family of excellent cooks, and began as a
journalist in Ceylon. She was requested to update the 4th edition of
Ceylon's foremost book on cooking national recipes, originally written
by a member of her family. When she moved to Australia, she became
associated with Woman's Day magazine as a staff member. I do not know if
she is currently active in this, but I have never done one of her
recipes,that was a failure. She writes with a flair and simplicity so
that anyone can follow her recipe with ease. I have not yet seen her hot
sauce, but if it is anything like her recipes, it will be a
winner....Cheers, from Doug in BC