[CH] RE: Consumer opinion - Hot sauce selection

Ashkenaz, Scott (Scott.Ashkenaz@kla-tencor.com)
Fri, 22 May 1998 16:51:03 -0700

Ed Cutrell wrote:
>You failed to mention the criteria whereby you judge suspended
>particles in a given sauce.  I find that it is critical that all pieces
>vegetables (chiles, tomatoes, garlic, etc.) be of a uniform size and
>appropriate to the vegetable.  For example, a sauce with poorly pulped
>habaneros, with visible pieces of chile of different sizes, indicates
>shoddy craftsmanship and an inattention to detail that I feel I cannot
>support.  (snip)

Ed, you raise an interesting point. I actually do not pay much attention
to this, but I have noticed that, in some cases, the visual texture, its
motteledness, opacity (or lack thereof), and evanescence, may in some
cases enhance the appearance of the label. This usually happens through
simple contrast or complement, but I have seen cases where the label
seems to take on an aura due to the transmission of the light around the
label and into the contents. Of course, this happens most under bright
point-source lighting, or strong backlighting when there is a rear
label. (Neither of these cases is typical for refrigerator display, but
I do have halogen lighting at the display case.) Also, depending on the
thickness of the glass and its intrinsic color, one may see interesting
refraction at the curvature of the glass.

Now that you mention this, I guess that I do notice if there is particle
separation which causes a discoloration of the bottle at the meniscus. I
just had not really been conscious of it before. Of course, now that it
has been pointed out, I will probably never again be able to ignore it.

Thanks for your comments.