Re: [CH] Re:UK Mex / Mex Food

Paul Richards (
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:16:52 +0000

"Graeme Caselton B.Sc." <> wrote;

>There are some of us in the TEX/MEX desert who would relish the
>chance of trying a Taco Bell. The nearest we get is a McD 'Fiesta'
>burger (burger with warm (physically not spicely) salsa on

There used to be a Taco Bell between Leicester Sq. & Picadilly Circus in
London, which has since become a McDonalds (about 6 or so years ago).
Infact there may have been a small chain (about 3) in the late eighties. I
don't think you missed much - bland mush with Old El Paso style salsa &
that was the hottest thing on the menu (even to my sensitive teenage (at
the time) palate). Overpriced too, for what was essentially beans, flour &
a dollop of salsa & sour cream.

If I want a snack with plenty of heat, then it has to be the much maligned
Doner (or a Shish) Kebab, with plenty of chilli sauce. Admittedly, this is
a much more attractive option at 11pm after several beers. (Eat one at
lunch time, & the smell lingers with you for the rest of the day).