Re: [CH] Re: Consumer opinion - Hot sauce selection

lukasz (
Sat, 23 May 1998 15:08:13 +1000

Doug Irvine wrote:
 BzRvueNews wrote:
 In a message dated 5/22/98 12:28:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
 The person/s who manufacture such a sauce should have more
  in their work--they are obviously at best poor citizens and
  pedophiles and animal beaters or worse.
Snort!  Heh-heh!  They should be hung at first light.
 OK, but which way UP????? and could we sauce and feather
 and should they be dressed( I mean like as in chickens)(not as
 clothed or un-clothed) Dont be like that , Rael!And if they are
 while they are hung, would they do twister?? Rael??And if they
were in
 the southern hemisphere would they spin the other way??Luke??A
 levity,sorta on theme!  Cheers, Doug in BC (yeah, I hadda

Breb Rael is Driving as we speak{write} to a new Game of
Privately been told He and only he has Xena's new Address and
her Silent number.
Dressing ?? Well yes one should make some effort to at least
fill the cavity with a stuffing made from Jicama,week old mouldy
bread and four to five bottles of Daves {read Dead singed Cat}.
As for the Hanging, this should be done prior to stuffing for at
least one week to allow that Gamey taste to develop.
As for the spinning, ..........(flush).......scuse I just had to
go to the bathroom to check out a theory <G>.. 
Clockwise down here in the Deeper south is the Norm.
 (Yeah,  I need a holiday)
                     Luke in Oz