[CH] Peanut Butter Passion

Alex Silbajoris (72163.1353@compuserve.com)
Sat, 23 May 1998 09:30:48 -0400

Well, I'll bet that subject line got Rael's attention...

Just got to the bottom of a little jar of Peanut Butter Passion ("with a
kiss of cayenne pepper").  It's a decent peanut butter, with a noticeable
presence of cayenne.  It's not an overwhelming burn, but it is fun on toast
for breakfast.  I could see basing some Thai sauce on it, too.

Distributed by Premium Image - isn't that a mail-order catalog?  16135
Preston Road,  Dallas TX, 75248  214-789-3332.  But I got it off the shelf
at the Krema Nut Company in Columbus, where I'm pretty sure it was made.

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