RE: [CH] Chile in London?

Kath Hodgson (
Mon, 25 May 1998 14:00:45 +0100

Your best bet is to head for non-tourist areas which have large ethnic
populations. I rarely visit London but when I do it's usually for work
and I end up spending lunchtimes running around  street markets trying
to get fresh habeneros etc - these are bril for takeaway food from
unlikely looking places (London equivalent of Bangkok) - try Walthamstow
market (NE London) or Brixton/Streatham High Road (South London) and let
me know of any thing else you find !

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From: J. B. Cattley []
Sent: Friday, May 22, 1998 9:54 AM
Subject: [CH] Chile in London?

I'm off to London later on, and I was wondering whether there were any
suitably volcanic eating-places in that grungy, wet place. Also spice
merchants/hotsauce suppliers. There aren't any at all here, so things
only get better... Hey, with a line like that, I could even run for PM!