[CH] Spreading Hispanic influence

Alex Silbajoris (72163.1353@compuserve.com)
Mon, 25 May 1998 15:16:14 -0400


About the thread on finding good Mexican food where the Mexicans are -
every year, it seems Hispanic communities are growing in many parts of the
country.   In northwestern parts of Ohio (where Hunts and Smuckers have big
operations) Hispanic farm workers are creating enough of a community that
you can occasionally find decent restaurants tucked away in little towns. 
(Not very differerent from the situation around Homestead, FL, actually). 
In Milwaukee, a town quite similar to Columbus, there are Spanish-language
radio stations.

So I say bring it on.  I crave more influences like this.  The Asian
community is strong here because of Ohio State University and Honda, and
our restaurants are the better for it.  Why, at some places, I don't even
need to carry my own pepper in to have a hot meal.  Now, when can I listen
to Spanish radio here..?

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