Re: [CH] chile products

scott wood (
Mon, 25 May 1998 12:27:56 -0700

At 11:58 AM 25/05/98 -0700, Ed Cutrell wrote:
>Careful what you say--you don't want to upset El Grande with your
>screwed-up aesthetics!  I know *MY* habs are lovely little bushes--I've
>pruned the older ones back and they look a bit like little bonsais that
>bear beautiful orange and red globes of happiness.  Just give the little
>guys a little time to show you what they can do.

Well, actually, these two little guys are pretty impressive little
plants. Way more robust than any other peppers of that size I've
bought. But my last Hab plant, which lasted 3 years in a container,
was just downright ugly! Branches that came out at all sorts of
places and angles, and bent in weird ways. On the other hand, when
I bought that seedling I wondered if it had a disease or bug or
something, as the leaves weren't flat and smooth as other pepper
plants, but sort of bumpy.

Scott Wood
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