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Tue, 26 May 1998 16:23:05 -0500

Cameron Begg wrote:
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...but taking a simple spin balancing machine (a small
> version of those used for vehicle wheels) reveals much...
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Certainly dynamic balance is important, and should always be
done when at all possible.  In emergencies, however, I have
resorted to a simple static balance test and have never had
any catastrophic mishaps attributable to that.  I examine
the bottle carefully, using such clues as cap placement,
orientation of any printing or labels, and seek out what was
intended by the manufacturer to be the bottom.  Often this
is a relatively flat area.  If I place the bottle on a
stationary, flat surface with that side down, and if the
bottle does not fall over, then I consider it to be in
static balance, and proceed with investigation of the
I was nervous the first few times I was forced to forgo the
dynamic balance test, but as I say there have been no really
bad consequences, although I will say I have found some
sauces better than others.