Re: [CH] Winter in Australia

Boleynx (
Tue, 26 May 1998 19:40:58 EDT

i just have to laugh in reference to "mustachioed " gents representing the
good state of Mexico in McD's ads.  about 30 years ago Frito-Lay introduced a
"mustachioed" character called the "Frito Bandito".  He sang a little song
that went something like "ay yi yi yi, i'm the Frito Bandito.  i love Fritos
corn chips.  i love them, i do.  i love them so much i'll steal them from

needless to say, mexican-american political groups like the Lulacs and La Raza
blasted Frito-Lay so badly, they were forced to dump the swarthy little

i'm surprised, McD's- especially in light of their reputation problems in GB
(the McD Libel Trial springs to mind), would resort to such
cartoonish/borderline offensive tactics to flog what is probably a flavourless
dried up little bit of nasty.  where's london greenpeace when you need them,