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Hi Alda...sorry about that, we went on a small holiday, boy did I need
it! Wasnt long enuf...but here is a recipe(non CH )(Mike, dont trow me
off) for my version of Chinese fried rice.  A little history about fried
rice, it is traditionally a left over dish, and it can be anything you
want it to be...if the Chinese have left over rice, the next day(or day
after) they make fried rice, and ANYTHING that is left in the
fridge(almost) can go into it... I made my first fried rice 40 years
ago, and all it had in it were green onion and frozen peas! Now it turns
into a production, that can be a whole meal, by itself...and the reason
that I have also posted this to the list, is that you can add as much
heat to it as you wish....the mark of a good cook, as opposed to a
mediocre one, is his(or her) imagination, which distiguishes that
individual as a GREAT cook....modesty aside, I consider myself a good
cook, striving to be a GREAT cook!  So here is my FRIED RICE...CHOw FAN,
if you will!

The day before, at least, cook one cup od rice, according to the
directions I gave with the curried chicken recipe the other day. This
should give you about four cups of left over or cold rice...it should be
at least a day old!! IMPORTANT. Then proceed as follows:

1	stalk of celery, chopped medium dice
1	small carrot, chopped the same
1/2	green pepper, chopped the same...here is where you could use HOT
1	small onion, sliced into about 2 inch pieces
3	cloves of garlic, minced USE REAL STUFF, NOT BOTTLED!!!!
1	tbls of minced green ginger, real stuff again
3	scallions(green onions) chopped 
Chinese hot chili paste 1 good tablespoon
either Chinese cooking wine(38% alcohol) or fish sauce, your choice
1	large egg
Use a hot wok, or a large pan, wok preferred, heat to HOT, put a good
dollop of peanut oil in the wok, add the garlic, ginger, half the green
onions and stir fry for about two minutes, add the hot paste, and mix
well, throw in all the vegetables, add the egg, and mix again stirring
the egg into the veggies, then all at once add the rice, breaking up the
clumps of rice as you stir fry and add in about two to three tablespoons
of either the cooking wine or the fish sauce...add about 2-3 tbls of hot
water, and continue to stir fry...this is all on hot to medium hot heat
in a wok...turn heat down, add a little more water if dry, and cover for
about two minutes...stir fry once more, and serve, garnished with the
remaining green onions....notice: NO SOY sauce was added...use a light
Soy sauce(kikkoman)(no affilliation) or the same at the table....before
you take it outta the wok, check for seasoning...this is where I add
more heat...Calvin's powder, or even
cayenne, and check for salt, maybe even a little sugar...This is a
terrific recipe, and you may add shrimps. chopped up cooked chicken, ham
or whatever suits your taste buds, just before the last stir in the
wok!  I realize that this is a long recipe...try it anyway!

About WOKS  Go to an oriental market, get one of their steel ones, scrub
it WELL!  Put it into an extemely hot oven for at least a half hour, let
it cool in the oven, season it with peanut oil, heat it again on the
stove(get a wok ring with it, that fits on either gas or electric), wipe
it out and re season it with peanut oil...it will then be usable and
will not stick! The Chinese used to season them in a fire, and use sand
to clean them, scrubbing with the sand...Dont use soap on this wok after
seasoning...hot hot water and a brush, then dry it well, then re heat
it. I have one that I have used for 20 yars, it is black, and works
better that teflon! Have fun Alda, and whomever else does this, Cheers,
Doug in BC