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george dark wrote:
 Cameron Begg wrote:

 Scott Ashkenaz wrote...
George wrote
  I examine
 the bottle carefully, using such clues as cap placement,
 orientation of any printing or labels, and seek out what was
 intended by the manufacturer to be the bottom.  Often this
 is a relatively flat area.  If I place the bottle on a
 stationary, flat surface with that side down,
 Snip, snip, snip.
While this theory may seem to work some of the time, lengthy
experimentation  has led me to conclude that it is somewhat
I have gone to great expense, countless hours and spent the best
part of 7 government grants to elicit a favorable solution. It
is my contention 
that most bottles have 2 bottoms if one uses the arguement of a
flat area as constituting such. My thesis on the subject can be
viewed at the National Society for a Flat Earth home page at
Don't be alarmed if your search leads you to a site that
resembles a Vintage car forum as the Society is somewhat
secretive due to bad publicity in the past. Just keep scrolling
down the 14834 page till you get to the section on Dynamic
Balance and its about 50 pages past that.
If you have the time go down another 30 pages and read the
thesis on Symbiotic relationships of empty sauce bottles {i.e.
their habit of sharing the same shelf space on tops of Kitchen
                                  Luke in Oz