[CH] unknown pepper?

Pieters, Rob (Rob.Pieters@Netherlands.honeywell.com)
27 May 1998 07:58:33 -0500

Hello CH's!!

Last week I found a chili at our local supplier called 'Madam Chenet' as   
I didn't had this one before I bought a few and there were quit nice, hot   
and very fruity.
I did try a small piece raw and I was suppressed by the heat...

I looked at some sites but couldn't find any description, maybe some one   
have some info on this one for me...

It is a wrinkled bright yellow pepper, about 5 cm long and 2 cm wide.

( I immediately planted some of the seed's, hope they will develop in a   
nice way, I can think of a very nice yellow spicy sauce with this one...)