[CH] "the bread"

Bill Oakes (bioakes@ibm.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 13:49:23 -0700

Just got back from Cayman this morning (where the local scotch bonnets have
all the heat of...ohhh, say....a bell pepper.  And the locals complain about
how hot they are...sigh...you'd think I was in Utah or something, other than
the fact that there was one HELL of an ocean right there).  After showering,
ran to the post office to pick up my typical bushel of mail.   On top, a
small box.  Hmmm...don't remember ordering anything recently from any pepper
companies...wonder if it could be...YES!  A sample of "the bread"!  I
eagerly went home to taste this infamous morsel.  On the way, looked at the
postal date...."5/15".  Uh oh.  Not sure how bad the mold would have hit, I
opened the wrapper with concern.  A small...VERY small...bit of mold had the
temerity to start growing on a corner, but obviously, it was of a type that
simply couldn't deal with the aroma (ahhhhh) of the aforementioned bread.  I
sliced off the offending piece, and then sliced a nice thick slice for
myself. (note...I can be REALLY stupid at times...to wit...).  I popped it
in my mouth, expecting a bland experience, but also expecting the heat to
build.  Ooops.  After the fire department was recalled (from the smoke
pouring out my ears, setting off every alarm within a 2 mile radius), I
rejoiced to "El Grande"...and to Jim Campbell for honoring me with a visit
with "the bread".  The burn, needless to say, was immediate, and awe
inspiring.  The roof of my mouth was on fire, my tongue was telling the
brain "what...again?  Are you THAT stupid?  HELLO!?  Is there ANYONE in
there?" and my throat had 3rd degree burns.  In other words, I was one happy

OTOH, upon discovering this morsel in my mail, I called my SO, literally
bubbling with excitement (a scary sight, admittedly).  She made me SWEAR
that I would save a piece for her.  Full of good intentions, I committed to
doing so.  This may be a turning point in our relationship, alas....

Bill Oakes
San Jose, USA