[CH] Fire & Spice Habanero Sauce

J&M Daily (daily@capital.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 16:09:12 -0400 (EDT)

       My trip to Inlet was not a complete waste. I just couldn't come back
empty handed, so I picked up a 5 oz. bottle of a local sauce. Called "Fire &
Spice Habanero Sauce", it is made at the Seventh Lake House ( a small town
near Inlet) and bottled at Inlet, NY. The label is yellow and orange, and
has a green sillouette of two lovers kissing in a boat. The bottle also
claims that Inlet is the "Home of the Fire and Spice Festival." Hmmm. I'll
have to find out more on this. 
 The color of the sauce itself is that of barbeque sauce. It appears to be
thick, and spices and seeds are visible.
 The ingredients are listed as: Habanero peppers, chilies, garlic, tomatoes,
and spices. (No vinegar!)
 Upon opening the bottle, the dominant smell is the tangy-sweet Hab...makes
your mouth water just imagining it, eh? :) Underneath is a more subtle smell
of the tomatoes, but  they blend together well.
 While pouring the sauce, I discover it is not as thick as it seems; in
fact, it's a bit runny. The flavor (straight from the bottle) is immediately
(believe it or not) reminiscent of Worstchester sauce until the bite of the
habs kicks in. It starts sharply at the back of the throat, and then washes
over the tongue warmly. If you can eat Dave's Insanity sauce with tortilla
chips, then I would rate the sauce 3 out of 5 chiles in terms of heat;
otherwise I'd give it 4 out of 5 :).

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