Re: [CH] Spider mites
Thu, 28 May 1998 16:12:12 EDT

spider-mites,spider-mites-get on your plants and then they bite.
spin a web on your leaves make you wanna get dry heaves...
look out!
you got a dose of spider-mites!
ok,ok, according to Bosland and DeWitt (The Pepper Garden), spider-mites,
those feelthy leetle arachnids can be eliminated thusly:
in the early stages, wash your plants with a mild soap solution,then spray the
plants, esp. the undersides of the leaves with water.  do this weekly 'til the
little buggers are gone.  if your problem is more severe, invest in a good

a Biiig P.S. to all you wunnerfull chilizens who so kindly offered advice to
my plea regarding my lack of blooms: thank you, thank you, thank you.  i've
mulched, watered, girded my loins against the unusually high FL summer temps,
and offered
my Chihuahua up to the Great Chili God as a sacrifice for a good crop.  thank
you again.

phil hartman forever.