Re: [CH] Cancun,places to go and eat.

boz (
Thu, 28 May 98 20:48:30 PDT

I'm planning a trip to Cancun (honeymoon) in aug. and am starting to
make plans.  Can anyone recommend good places to eat, sleep, drink,
look, climb, snorkle or any other CH activities?

I did all that on my honeymoon and never left the bedroom...

In a more serious vein- Chichen Itza and Tulum are a must if you enjoy
ruins- especially Tulum- perhaps one of the most beautiful spots on the
planet IMHO.

Eating- Los Almendros in the tourist zone has very good myan type food. 
The turkey en eschebe (vinegar) is excellent, along with the cochina pibil
(pork baked in a banana leaf).  And the salsa is muy picante- a nice fresh
hab salsa.  Also, the marinated purple onions are good. Senor Frog's is OK,
but not as rowdy as the one in Mazatlan (Rael, the one in Mazatlan is YOUR
kind of place).  

Snorkeling was good at Isla Mujeres- Take the ferry from the mainland. 
There are guys there who will give you a day's snorkeling for about 15
bucks a head, lunch included. It was there that I had the best salsa I have
ever eaten.  The lunch was a little strange, grilled fish, spaghetti and
salad along with all the tortillas and salsa I could hold.

Have a great time, enjoy the beach, live the good life for a week or so

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