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Ed Calvert (lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 28 May 1998 23:37:40 -0400

Sorry, folks, This is second try @ this msg.  Thanks Mike.

>Hi to everyone. [ Even Doug!<G>]
>Found a new restaurant here in[ of all places!] Brandon, Fla. It is called
>At 875 Bloomingdale Ave., Brandon, Fl.33511 (813) 681-4470
>I felt like having some wings after work, and never having been to this
>place, I wandered in. YEEES!
>I counted about 50 items on the menu. All in English and Thai. From Pahd
>Thai toPanang Gai, to Nam Sohd9Thai salad w/ ginger,peanuts, chili peppers
>and  lime juice, to  Pla Jeun to ...Well you get my drift. MOST
>is that I talked to the owner, and he said that if anybody came in and
>to make it "THAI-HOT" or hotter, he would do it. My wings were only hot,
>nuke... looks like they were done in that thai  sauce Nuoe Cham ga [ sorry,
>no accents on this keyboard], then added more Thai peppers. Loved 'em! No
>vinegary taste at all, loads of sauce, and the top of my head sweated
>royally. The heat was there, but did not blow smoke outta the nether
>He has email: cdeerogers@aol.com . Also gave me this site to go to for good
>Thai recipes: http:// www.SINTERCOM.org/makan/recipe03.html . I will look
>this myself.
>ASIDE: Thanks Calvin!!!
>ED Calvert, [ not in BC]
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