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Matt Kraft (
Fri, 29 May 1998 08:50:02 -0400

Uh Oh I says,

	I'm new at growing chiles and all of my plants are doing
great... some blossoming and
some starting to fruit. Problem though! I found little white ?Larva? on
the top of one of my two surviving Hab plants (frost wiped out the other
two). There are also little browish things that look like mites. Might
they be mites? IF so I plant to use the same suggestions for getting rid
of them. I am also worried about them spreading from plant to plant.

						In Fear and Loathing of
Spider Mites

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> I just received a report from my 'plant doctor' that I have spider
> mites in
> my Chile patch.  Does anyone have a remedy that they have found to be
> effective?  She (the plant doctor) suggested pesticides on the order
> of
> Diazanon or Malathion.  Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!
> In Chiles,
> Doug
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