[CH] Thanks

Senor Chile Monger (supervisor@scudder.sbceo.k12.ca.us)
Fri, 29 May 1998 07:06:45 -0700

I just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to everyone who emailed, both to the
list and privately, suggestions on combatting spider mites.  This is my
first year growing chiles on this scale (approx. 50 plants) and it has not
been the best year to expand my growing.  We've received three times the
normal rainfall and temperatures have been much lower than usual, in fact
it nearly froze last night (mid 30's) and it's after Memorial Day on the
Central Coast of California!  I have more plants germinating in case I lose
some to the mites. Hopefully summer has been rescheduled not cancelled!  

Of concern to CH's everywhere, one of the largest Red Savina growing
operations in the US is not too far South of here so offer a prayer to El
Grande to bring on the sun!

OK, enough kvetching!  You folks are the greatest!  One day I hope to meet
some  of you in person and share a chile or two,  you can even have the
stem end!

In Chiles,


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