Re: [CH] Chipolte cream sauce....

Doug Irvine (
Fri, 29 May 1998 12:22:40 -0700

Jim Bardsley wrote:
> Quick, I want to experiment this weekend. Does anyone have a good recipe for
> this they can post, or point me to a website with one? Thanks much- Jim

Hello Jim...I do this frequently, because, although I am lastose
intolerant, I still do cream sauces, and with 1% milk no less! A good
cream sauce is easy to make if you have wisk to mix it with while it is here you are:
2	tbls butter or hard margarine
2	tbls flour
2/3	cup of milk
dash of salt
dash of paprika

2-3 habs chopped fine(seeded, stem removed)
Melt butter in a RevereWare stainless steel pan, or similar, when butter
liquid and bubbling, add the chopped habs, salt, and cook for a few
minutes on medium...add in the flour, and mix well, so that the flour
and the butter mix are solid lumps in the pan, then add the milk all at
once, and stir with the mixing wisk...if too thick, add more milk, and
the salt and paprika...I also add parsley chopped as well, the color mix
is attractive...this is a hot cream hotta mo betta...add mo
habs..less hotta,less habs! Simple,huh? Cheers, Doug in BC